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About Us

about us

Hi, nice to meet you! 

GGeeky was born of two guys’ passion for everything nerdy and geeky and artsy. We love video games, anime, movies, tv-series, and every pop-cultural event/phenomenon that fills our lives with joy and excitement.

We celebrate artists’ creativity through our portal, spreading handmade art (or better, computer-made) to all our users who share our same passion. We’re just here to nerdify your lives and to valorize the beautiful artists’ work.



All our materials, finished products and manufacturing processes are certified as compliant with all applicable statutes, regulations and industry standards by Intertek.

We pay a lot of attention to the eco-sustainability of our products and production methods of our manufacturers. When you buy from us, you don’t contribute negatively to the environment.


We believe that things can always be better. That's why we only work with professionals and passionate people.

Before we add a new product to our range we test it several times and we have it certified, so that we are sure it is inline with all the market regulations and that it is up to our quality standard.


We know how to listen, and how to act.
We do not only sell products, we also support our Artists community by delivering their art and creativity every day to our customers' door.

We care about them, we care about you, your feedback and your experience. We want everyone to be happy and satisfied with our work.
Founder of GGeeky

I’m a fan of videogames (my Steam library counts more than 200 games)… apart from that, I love movies, anime, science, cooking and nature! My favorite movie is without a doubt The Lord of the Rings, God bless you Peter Jackson.
Proud daddy of two cats, and obsessed with precision.

Web Designer & Customer Service

I play videogames even if I’m bad at it. I love plants, cats and kpop. My most-watched movie is probably Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. 
I live for the memes and I’m a KEKW type of guy. I love Twitch chat, even if it’s dumb.