Hello creative soul!

We're glad you're interested in our project. Before you register your artist account, here are some things you must read.

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Legal terms, copyright laws, commissions rates and general informations on what we do with your artworks.


General site T&C about sales and purcheses but, if you want to register, you need to accept these nonetheless.


Technical stuff, but pretty easy since we only have a couple of essentials requirements. Follow these carefully.

Mission statement

We want to let artists sell their art effortlessly, safely, and reliably. We do all the hard work: you just send your artworks and we do the rest, you don’t ever have to worry about mockups or clients’ complaints. We make the process as easy as possible for you so that you can focus on creating rather than managing.

We have a clear goal in mind: to bring together a group of talented and creative artists and support their independent art, for real. Besides the royalties on each sale, a standard practice for the Print on Demand sector, we intend to go further and commission exclusive works constantly.

This way we support independent art, “financing” the creative expression of the Artists, and we also get original content for GGeeky.

If you are interested in helping us to realize our dream, join us now!

Quick overview: how it works


First, you need to register as an Artist: you’ll need to fill a simple 5-step form with all the information to set up your Artist Account.
One member of our staff will review your application and, if you'll be accepted, you will be able to submit all your awesome artworks.
We will check the files you send, verify if they comply with our Artist Agreement and Terms & Conditions. If everything's ok, we start working on 'em.


Once we have finished creating all your product mockups (we do it manually, to offer a better, more thoughtful pagination), we upload them and notify you. So, you don't have to worry about mockups, coupons, orders management, customers queries, adding or removing products periodically, none of this! You just send your works and collect your commissions every 15th of the month.


We only work with the best solutions available. Our materials, processes, products, & fulfillment centers meet or exceed global health & safety standards. If you'd like to test our quality with your hands, we offer a free sample.
We maintain a strict environmental policy that emphasizes sustainability & recycling and that ensures that all our systems & product design innovations take into account any potential carbon footprint impact.


At each fulfillment location, the order gets printed using our high quality, water-based printers, and eco-friendly materials. The decorated product then goes through our Quality Control inspection process, and then gets carefully packed. Once ready, it is shipped to the customer. Our manufacturer has 5 fulfillment centers all over the world: USA, UK, Italy, Korea, and Australia.


Not always things go as planned, unfortunately. Customer Care is one of our top priorities we want to shine on and be proud of. So, if a problem arises, we take care of it before you even know about it. As soon as possible and as professionally as possible.