“Octopus Doesn't Care” iPhone Case
“Octopus Doesn't Care” iPhone Case
“Octopus Doesn't Care” iPhone Case
“Octopus Doesn't Care” iPhone Case
“Octopus Doesn’t Care” iPhone Case
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Artwork sold by Geekydog

“Octopus Doesn’t Care” iPhone Case


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Our Phone Cases adhere perfectly to your phone and protect it from bumps, accidental drops, and scratches. They are made of high-quality, durable polymers, the same used to make parts of astronaut’s suits and bicycle helmets. It’s safe to say they are very robust. 

Our printing process embeds the artwork into the surface of the product, and protects it with a strong clear finish – the result is an image that is not on the product, but inside it, and protected from scratches, fading, wear, and damage. Our products are truly built to last.

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All our materials, finished products and manufacturing processes are audited by and certified as compliant with all applicable statutes, regulations and industry standards by Intertek, one of the most reputable of the leading technical auditing firms in the world.
What does that mean? It means our products are certified safe, reliable, in line with the quality standards of the market and eco-conscientious.

We pay a lot of attention to the eco-sustainability of our products and production methods of our manufacturers.
When you buy from us, you don’t contribute negatively to the environment.

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